Susan’s Review – Medix Toronto

Susan Medix Toronto

Susan is a student at Medix College taking the Medical Office Administrator program at the Toronto Campus. In her video she talks about her reasons for choosing Medix College as well as her experience at the Toronto Campus.

The Medical Office Administrator trains students in a variety of medical office administrative and clinical skills. The program also provides an opportunity to gain real world experience into what your future job will entail through externships.

Video Transcript:
I decided to come to Medix after extensive research, because it was important decision I needed to make in my life. Being out of school for such a long time, I was scared.

It was a great idea to come and visit the campus; they walked through the outline of the courses. They made it very comfortable. Because of my age, I thought it was impossible, but they made me feel very comfortable

I love the schedule, I love the location, and the Staff is very approachable. Because of this I flew right through it! As I said, the campus is at a good location, and the Staff is more approachable than other places I visited. They’re there for you, to answer any questions

At the beginning it’s overwhelming, especially if you’ve been out of school for a while, I think it’s the energy that I felt as I walked through the hallways, basically seeing all the other students, and how enthusiastic they were, and seeing all the friendly smiles, that was amazing for me.

Medix gave me an opportunity I never thought I’d have in life. I love the way they dealt with everything from the beginning. I felt I had a support system. When I did my research I didn’t get that feeling from other colleges.

[With Medix], I really felt I’d have that support system. Not that they’d hold my hand all the way, but if I fall back I know they’re there for me, and I love Medix because of that!”

The following article Susan’s Review – Medix Toronto is republished from Medix Student Testimonials


Author: Erica T.

I am a human resource professional specializing in helping people start second careers in the health care field. In my spare time I enjoy street photography, baking and volunteering.

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