Euphemia’s Review – Medix Toronto

Euphemia - Medix College Toronto

Euphemia is taking the Personal Support Worker Program at the Medix Toronto Campus

This program gives students the necessary skills and competency in a variety of clinical and interactive areas needed for employment in the health care field. Students learn about individuality of the person, role of the worker, assisting the families and household management.

This program consolidates and replaces services previously provided by Health Care Aides, Home Support Workers, Attendant Care Providers and Respite Worker Training. You can learn more about this program from this link: Personal Support Worker Program

Video Transcript:
“I chose Medix College because….I came to this country, a new immigrant, and didn’t even know Medix [College]. But when we came, the school I took my kids to, I asked some of the parents, about the great schools around, and they told me about Medix [College]!

Also, I went on the internet searching and reading more information about them. I went there to get information and find out if I was doing the right thing. Once my husband came home, he said he asked everyone and they were all talking about Medix [College]. That was why I chose Medix [College]!

[Everything] people told me about Medix [College] before I came to the college, it all came through. Immediately upon finishing college, I just got a job! My old [internship] wanted me. Everywhere I went I found it so easy.

I had a job with a private client, and I had another job, and when I leave [at the end of the day] it’s like they don’t want me to leave!. And where I’m working presently, I tell you, within two to three months, they increase my wages!

It’s all because what I went through when I came to Medix [College] that gave me all those extra experiences. It’s been so wonderful!”

Euphemia’s Review – Medix Toronto was originally seen on Medix Students Reviews Service Blog


Author: Erica T.

I am a human resource professional specializing in helping people start second careers in the health care field. In my spare time I enjoy street photography, baking and volunteering.

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