Kayla’s Review – Medix London

Kayla Medix London

Kayla is a past student at Medix College who studied to be a Community Service Worker at the Medix London Campus. In this review you will hear her reasons for choosing Medix College as well as what her experience of studying at the London campus.

The Community Service Worker program is for individuals looking for an exciting career in the community service field. The program involves a lot deal of small group work, practice interviews, and exercises in self-awareness.

The program helps students gain the knowledge and experience to prepare them for work with clients from a range of age groups, with a variety of social and emotional issues. Being a Community Service Worker is a rewarding career if you enjoy interacting and helping people within your local community.

You can work as an addictions support worker, community service worker, shelter support worker or a group home support worker in a variety of community facilities and settings.

Based on a study by Service Canada the job outlook for this industry is good and the growth is due to a large increase in social services needs and the fact that a growing proportion of those needs will be handled by community organizations.

Video Transcript:
I wanted to have a career in the medical field, and the campus was quite close to home, and that had a good course load to it.

I enjoyed the teacher; he was really good at what he does. The content of the class was good. It was a lot of content, but it was easy to understand and delivered in a manner that made the class work.

He was knowledgeable; he had worked in the field and was able to put the course content into real life practice. My family was really happy I chose Medix. I’ve had family go to Medix who enjoyed it as well.

Medix means a new beginning, being able to start over again.”

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Author: Erica T.

I am a human resource professional specializing in helping people start second careers in the health care field. In my spare time I enjoy street photography, baking and volunteering.

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