Caitlin’s Review – Medix London

Caitlin Medix London

Caitlin’s is a recent graduate of Medix College who studied at the Medix London Campus. She took the Massage Therapy program and in this review video she goes into her experience at Medix, why she selected the college and what she gained there.

The Massage Therapy Program covers such tasks as such tasks as assessing clients by conducting range of motion and muscles tests, proposing treatment plans and administering massage techniques.

This is approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and when a student has successfully completed the training they are eligible to sit for licensing exams. Once licensed you can then use the titles; “Massage Therapist” or “Registered Massage Therapist

The program runs for 88 weeks and uses a modular approach where students are taught anatomy, physiology and pathology; this gives them the theoretical background of normal structure and function as well as dysfunction. Then the practical part of the program supports assessment and treatment of the various pathologies.

To learn more about the Massage Therapy Program click the links above or call 1.866.962.7685

Video Transcript:
Medix prepared me for a career in massage therapy by giving me the opportunity for hands on training. We have a public clinic twice a week where we can [get the] experience and confidence we need to work with the public as clients with rehabilitation needs.

Medix gave me the advantage over other schools that teach massage therapy in regards to the balance of theory and hands on training. They also provide an extensive remedial exercise course for stretch and strengthening, which I know other schools don’t provide.

The biggest thing is the class time hours. Providing morning and evening classes of five hours a day just worked really well with my home life and school life schedule.

Finding employment after graduation was easy; the transition between school and employment was seamless with all the training and confidence I received from Medix

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Author: Erica T.

I am a human resource professional specializing in helping people start second careers in the health care field. In my spare time I enjoy street photography, baking and volunteering.

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