Will’s Review – Medix Kitchener


Will is taking the Massage Therapy program at the Medix College and in this video he shares why he chose to study at Medix College as well as what it’s like to go to the Kitchener campus.

The Medix College Massage Therapy Program is approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and upon successful completion of the program; students are eligible to write their Licensing Examination.

The Licensing Exams leads to Registration with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and the right to use the protected titles, “Massage Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist”.
Training covers such tasks as assessing clients by conducting range of motion and muscles tests, proposing treatment plans and administering massage techniques.

To learn more about the Massage Therapy Program click the links above or call 1.866.962.7685

Video Transcript

My name is Will M and I’m in these Massage Therapy course at Medix. I took this course because I’ve always wanted to help people in a positive manner. I looked at Medix and they provided multiple opportunities and ways for me to accomplish that and I felt that the massage therapy course was the best fit for me. Before I came to Medix I was working full time as a customer service representative. I chose Medix because of the numerous testimonials that I’ve heard both from people who have attended and testimonials I’ve read online.

The testimonials were speaking to the friendliness of not just the teachers but the staff here as well and students. Our course is very small, at least my class anyway, so it’s as close to one to one contact with a teacher as you can get. Not to mention that Medix specializes in employment as soon as possible after graduation, that was a big point for me, I’d like to get into the workforce as soon as possible.

My favorite memory of Medix, there’s many of them that I could choose, we had taken a trip up to the Blue Mountain Spa in order to experience what it’s going to be like in the field. We’ve done outreaches to Guelph University to work on their athletes. But mostly, every day where we learn something new has to be one of the greatest memories here. The campus is very easy to navigate and it is also very convenient, we have a convenience store, a pizza place and it’s very conveniently placed both for myself and other people to reach. Multiple bus lines pass by it. In five years I could be working in a cruise ship, a spa, a medical setting, I could be doing personal work, I could be doing mobile massage therapy.

They do include a business course to specify that there’s not just one option available to us as Massage Therapists. The thing I like most about my instructors is that it’s less of a student teacher relationship and more of a colleague relationship, because our professors realize that we are going to be in the same field that they are, so building a positive relationship does begin in the classroom. My family feels great about me attending Medix they think it is a great career choice for me and they’ve been supportive one hundred percent.

If I knew somebody was undecided about coming to Medix I would recommend that they drop by any Medix campus. I know the staff here showed me the multiple courses that they had to offer, they gave me a tour of the campus, which I found very helpful.

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Author: Erica T.

I am a human resource professional specializing in helping people start second careers in the health care field. In my spare time I enjoy street photography, baking and volunteering.

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